was among the earliest Gods to take up a Tool of his own.  After an eternity exploring the Empty Void, Lod marveled at the infinite possibilities which now lay before him. Lod cast his Tool across the nothing that surrounded him, and wondered as it reformed into matter and energy.

After doing this forever, word reached Lod of a great project. A great knot called World was spoken of and again Lod marveled at the potential such a construct could hold.  And so Lod found it, and along side countless other gods, drew it into existence, and Lod was proud of what they had achieved.  And as other gods came to covet that which they had made, Lod stood firm against them and defended that which he called his own.

As the time of conflict ended, Lod looked back to the World only to see how it had unraveled over time.  And so Lod again sought to protect his creation and again struck out against others of his kind, aiding in the construction of the Godheart.  And as the Godheart warmed the World, Lod looked down upon that which he had helped create, the blank canvas that was the World.  And Lod once again marveled at the infinite possibilities which now lay before him.

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